Open NAIS Public Talk - "Support Measures for Business and Industry Recovery Prospects"

30 April 2020
On April 30, 2020, an open discussion of experts, airline heads and suppliers took place. The industry's work at conditions of pandemic, the timing, prospects and recovery rates were discussed.

Now is exactly the time when an open communication and discussion between all the aviation market participants is the key point to solving the issues, which we all are facing at pandemic conditions. That is why the open online conference of the NAIS Organizing Committee attracted more than 130 aviation industry representatives.



The most important point for all the aviation community right now is to unite. We need a platform for the discussion. We need to discuss and put forward consolidated proposals.


Airports across the country have already started communicating with each other.


At the conference, NEOSCAN proposed foundation of a working group, where representatives of all areas of the aviation industry will form an anti-crisis package of proposals. The conference marked the beginning of this path as the problems cannot be solved alone.